Harmony Habitat’s Eco Healthy Homes Project is supporting the research, design and construction of a privately-owned, 800 sf purpose-built demonstration home. During our demonstration phase we will document and publicize the challenges and opportunities discovered along the way.

This build will help Harmony Habitat raise awareness about deep green building principles and promote select deep green products, It is an important step to help us develop both a path and a roadmap to regional deep green home building.

Throughout the demonstration we will also be promoting Harmony Habitat’s long range vision and supporting our supplier partners by promoting awareness of select building products that are being featured in the build.

Lessons learned will inform development of a mini-home prototype. And the prototype will inform the creation of the builders’ resource. The builder’s resource will provide regionally relevant, complete home solutions to help builders reduce the technical, cost, insurance, and regulatory barriers to deep green building.

Demonstration House

The demonstration home will provide a real life model to:

  • showcase deep green principles, methods and products
  • raise awareness about the benefits of deep green design
  • provide example permitting solutions
  • select products and methods for a mini- prototype home
  • collect data for analysis – cost, economic, technical, regulatory
  • enable post occupancy testing and analysis
  • provide virtual and on site tours
  • generate industry interest in future Eco Healthy Homes collaboration

See Gabriola demonstration house to learn more.