Five Phase Strategic Project Plan

The goal of the Eco Healthy Homes Project is to make deep green homes accessible and affordable in a way that supports household and community health and resilience.

Harmony Habitat’s approach to home building aims to reduce the carbon footprint of home construction as well as the energy used by the homes. We want to help builder’s create small, healthy, energy efficient, resilient, housing so communities can both adapt to, and mitigate climate change.

Our approach to deep green building will cultivate meaningful local jobs and better human and environmental health all along the production chain while our collaborative approach to cost savings will help bring down the price of better building.

Phase 1 – Analysis and Planning (assess the concerns and opportunities)

This phase involved a comprehensive industry review and many consultations. It is described on this page.

Phase 2 – Demonstration (clear a path)

Demonstration Phase – a case study in deep green building through the research, design and construction of a 800 sf home (plus 350 sf unheated workshop). The demonstration phase we will research, develop, document, and publicize replicable solutions in deep green home design.

Communications and Outreach – A corresponding communications campaign throughout the pilot project will will support collaboration and raise awareness through the documentation, analysis, and publicizing of the challenges, solutions and recommendations. It will then promote the solutions developed.

Phase 3 – Testing and analysis (analyze the success, areas for improvement, and the potential benefit)

Testing of demonstration house – Post occupancy performance testing of energy/water conservation. Analysis of the home’s air quality and additional health criteria.

Analysis – analysis of areas for improvement. Analysis of potential environmental and ‘genuine wealth’ economic benefits to households and communities.

Phase 4 – Replication

Creation and testing of prototype home – construction of a 500 sf deep gren mini Eco Healthy Home that is:

– energy and water-efficient

– uses healthy products with low embodied energy

– harvests heat, light, energy and water from nature

– is built to protect our safety and comfort in extreme weather events and reduce emergency response costs

– models beautiful durability, (100+ years),

– is convenient, and affordable to maintain and live in

Builder’s Resource – The development of a regionally adaptable digital builder’s resource will enable any builder to customize and reproduce the demonstration home in sizes from 400 to 1000 sf. The tool will enable customization for site specifics, customer preferences and size. (For more see:Builders’ Resource)

Phase 5 – Sharing

Deep green trades cooperative – Harmony Habitat’s long term vision is a cooperative enterprise and regional networks of Eco Healthy Home professionals and suppliers. Collaborative production can lower distribution costs, boost innovation, streamline permitting, localize the supply chain and lower the cost of the homes.


Land Partnership Model – The planned model will offer a complete framework to enable two partners to co-own land and individually own their homes where accessory dwellings are permitted. (For more see: Land Partnership Model)