The research and demonstration house is a 1 1/2 story, 800 square foot home plus workshop.

The larger goals of the Eco Healthy Homes Project are introduced on this page.

Collaborative Build

Technical criteria for the 1500 sf home  (footprint 100 sf) is guided by multiple technical advisors and an unprecedented combination of principles including natural building concepts, the Passive House and Living Building Challenge standards, and considerations for household and community well being. You can read more about this under the design tab on the menu bar above.

Since 2013, advisors and volunteers have helped Harmony Habitat shape our organization, including the planning of this project. Collaboration between Harmony Habitat and a private home owner (Harmony Habitat’s Co-Director, Tatha Cornish), is enabling construction of the research and demonstration house. She is providing the land and covering the cost of construction.

Building a house to meet this criteria for the first time is a time consuming and expensive endeavour for a private individual. Among the extra costs involved there is extensive research and consultation, and the expense of sourcing non mainstream products and innovating their use. Building on an island during a building boom and pandemic adds some extra challenge as well.

To help use make sure we can achieve as many of our criteria as possible, some of the project’s product and service providers are providing product discounts or donations.

To ensure maximum impact from this phase of the project, the finished home will be made available for a minimum of six years to support Harmony Habitat’s long term testing, education and demonstration needs.

Follow the project

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