The Eco Healthy Homes Project is currently Harmony Habitat’s sole focus. Work on the project formally began in 2014 carrying on from an earlier industry review. Over 40 volunteers and advisors have contributed to the planning work to date. Land and construction funding for the upcoming demonstration phase of the project is being provided privately. This page tracks the project progress back to the project’s conception in 2014.


January 2021 – May 2021

Framing, sheathing, preparation of site milled timbers for building and product researcher/ supplier discussions.

February 2020 to January 2021

Redesign and resubmission, construction prep and the long wait for builders, acquiring as much lumber as possible while prices continue to rise and caring for building materials through the winter rains.

Fall 2019 to Spring 2020

Excavated for the foundation, delivered multiple loads of fill to other islanders, hardscaping/rock wall terraces, installed VIHA approved waste water system, finished the engineering, received the building permit, formed and poured the footings and foundation walls and finalized decisions around waterproofing and drainage and remaining grading work.

Fall 2018 to fall 2019

Refining level, creating ramps and paths between them, and building interceptor drains, outdoor rock sitting areas, hügelkultur agricultural berms, and an 88 sf hydro shed/office shack

130 foot retaining wall of salvage sandstone, planted a drought resistant/ no mow ground cover to prevent soil erosion on disturbed areas, milled five batches of site cut and local, sustainably sourced logs into lumber for use in the house.

Construction planning

From fall 2016 to Fall 2019, in preparation for construction:

  • surveyed and mapped the contours and trees
  • completed a basic plan for a regenerative and resilient site design including: renewable energy, perennial and annual vegetables, livestock, and aquaponics
  • felled several trees to clear the driveway and building site
  • established access with a rough driveway
  • installed 230 feet of interceptor drainage
  • draft design for demonstration home
  • selected a list of drought resistant, plants with emphasis on evergreen and food producing plants
  • conducted a perc test and a soil resistance bearing test

Project planning

From 2014 – 2018, developed a platform and a voice for the mission and Harmony Habitat became a uniquely non profit Community Contribution Company.

Governance currently includes three volunteer directors. This structure supports the essential alliance of private and not-for-profit interests:

  • completed the organizational development, background building science and industry investigations
  • developed advisory relationships with numerous industry experts
  • forged alliances with supporters and volunteers
  • developed a strategy for a win win collaborative path to change
  • researched and adapted our legal structure to a uniquely non-profit C3
  • created project specific web content and video to promote the vision
  • established an MOU for the mutual, long term use of the privately owned home for the demonstration project
  • began a demonstration-specific directory of deep green technologies and design options
  • shared project plans with neighbours and began a neighbourhood email list

Industry Review and Planning

  • The Industry Review conducted in Phase 1 is described on this page.


To learn about the unique non-profit organizational structure, and our list of directors, advisors, and collaborators, please visit the menu for the About section of this website. To read more about the project, please see the Eco Healthy Homes page and the Gabriola Island Demonstration Build.