The Eco Healthy Homes design resource and implementation strategy is uniting industry change makers to create replicable solutions that will make deep green housing more attainable.

Builders with deep green aspirations currently face a labyrinth of technical, building code, supply, cost and market barriers. Each custom home project faces significant cost, risk and complexity.

We can’t create the change we need, just one house at a time. So we want to make it easier and less costly for any builder to build deep green.

To reduce the experimentation and cost of building deep green homes, the Eco Healthy Homes Project will create a path and a roadmap for others to follow.


The research and demonstration house is the first step of our plan to create a prototype home and a design tool that allows builders to customize a pre-researched, pre-tested design.

The resource will enable any builder to customize and replicate the research and demonstration house project in sizes up to 1000 sf.

The resource will reduce the following barriers to deep green building:


All products specified in the builder’s resource will be pre-selected for project criteria.


The resource will relieve builders of the need for multiple training courses, and the challenge of meeting health and environmental standards and it will minimize the research, consultation and engineering for each home.


Localized standardization through reproductions of the pre-researched Eco Healthy Homes will grow familiarity to local builders, inspectors, trades people, and suppliers. It will provide quality control and streamline regulatory approvals for Eco Healthy Homes.

The builder’s resource will increase certainty about:

  • Pricing
  • Energy performance
  • Healthfulness
  • Building permits
  • Synergy of the whole house as a system
  • Environmental and social impacts

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” (anonymous)