Harmony Habitat is a uniquely non-profit Community Contribution Company. The governance team currently consists of three directors.

Tatha Cornish

Volunteer Co-Director, Founder

As a nutritionist and healthy homes coach, with a training in Environmental Studies and permaculture design, Tatha loveds transforming spaces into nourishing. She is passionate about local economics, regenerative systems design, edible landscaping, natural building, and deep ecology. She has seen many of the worst of how homes can be built and some of the best of what is possible. Her first hand experience with industrial pollution, toxic occupational exposures and renovations, sick buildings, unhealthy rental homes, and cancer deepened her convictions and informed this work and her previous work as a health practitioner.

Tatha wants to help improve equitable access to healthy and ethically built homes. In 2010, she embarked on an intensive learning journey that informed the next stages of her research and eventually morphed into the Eco Healthy Homes Project. In addition to her work with Harmony Habitat, she has served on the Gabriola Island Housing Society and The Islands Trust Advisory Committee.

The concept of replicable, regionally-adaptable design solutions was born and so was the non-profit organization that became Harmony Habitat. Tatha is excited by the potential impact of raising awareness about building/housing issues, while presenting easier options so regular people can make a difference and make choices they believe in.

Dr Louise Takeda

Volunteer Co-Director

Louise has a Masters in Ecological Economics and a Phd in Development and the Environment. She has analytical strengths in environmental and social impact assessment, ecological economics and ecological governance and environmental policy analysis. Previously she was engaged with sustainability research with the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance at the University of Victoria, Canada and the Research Center on Development and International Relations at Aalborg University, Denmark. She is the author of Islands’ Spirit Rising: Reclaiming the Forests of Haida Gwaii, published by UBC Press. She is currently a Senior Policy Analyst with BC’s Climate Action Secretariat. Her role with Harmony Habitat is as a research and strategic advisor.

Brooke Rochette

Volunteer Co-Director

Brooke is a sustainability educator and program coordinator. As an Ecopsychologist, she is dedicated to cultural renewal and inspiring the radical personal and societal paradigm shifts so necessary for our healthy future. Motivated and informed by years of studying, practicing, and teaching small-scale permaculture systems, Brooke is exploring ways to help us shape our perceptions, lifestyle, and human habitat so that we may live in a regenerative way, interconnected with nature. She is passionate about increasing awareness around the benefits we can enjoy by nourishing the web of relationships that we are a part of. Brooke brings skills in communications and educational outreach to Harmony Habitat’s mission. These include designing curriculum, and leading and facilitating workshops, courses and conferences.