Harmony Habitat is a non-profit, volunteer-run social enterprise formed to develop solutions in attainable deep green housing. We are a small group of volunteers supported by expert advisors.

Home construction and the associated supply chain has become divorced from human, community and ecological well-being. Related hidden health, environmental and economic costs affect the homeowner, and local and manufacturing communities. Better choices in housing are achievable but they are complex and expensive.

Organizational structure

Harmony Habitat has registered as a Community Contribution Company (C3 Inc). We adapted our articles to a 100% non-profit mandate. Any profits generated by the organization will be directed back to our purpose.

The standard C3 legal framework, recently created by the Province of British Columbia, was created out of a need to enable an alliance of private and not-for-profit interests for public benefit. The C3 includes “asset locks”, profit limits and public reporting requirements. It is intended to allow social enterprise to receive investment with the assurance to the social investor that at least 60% of any profit or asset generated will be used for community benefit. In Harmony Habitat’s case, this has been altered to 100%. See below for more.

For more information about a conventional Community Contribution Company please see this website.

Alteration to 100% Non-Profit C3

The following definition was added to Article 1.1:

Zero Net Profit Mandate” means that any profits of the Company shall be used to advance its community purposes as set out in Part 21 of the Company articles [below], and the directors shall not declare any dividends.”

Furthermore, article 16.1, regarding payment of dividends to shareholders, is repealed and replaced as follows:

Declaration of dividends”

16.1 In accordance with the Company’s Zero Net Profit Mandate and section 51.94(2) of the Business Corporation Act, the directors shall not declare any dividends in relation to shares of the Company.”

Harmony Habitat’s Registered Community Purpose Activities

Harmony Habitat’s primary purposes include the provision of environmental, health and social services to the public, by:

  • broadening affordable access to sustainable building solutions and attainable approaches to long-term tenure and home/land ownership
  • developing and modelling tools for change in building, sustainable land use and not for profit, public interest organizational structure
  • developing, modelling, promoting and selling sustainable building and renewable energy technologies/methods that aspire to the most rigorous health and environmental standards
  • standardizing complete building solutions that are replicable and customizable, along with pathways to their permitting, financing, and other required approvals as possible
  • modeling and promoting low-impact quality lifestyles including resilient approaches to shelter, water, waste management, food security and collaboration

Harmony Habitat Registration Numbers:

BN 825944845

Current Project

Our current focus is the demonstration phase of our Eco Healthy Homes Project.