Multi-stakeholder Collaboration

Harmony Habitat’s Eco Healthy Homes Project is collaborating with inspired deep green minded trades people, builders, researchers, and suppliers to steer development of our demonstration home, our builder’s design resource and   our planned building cooperative.

Through regional networks we can collaborate to further simplify the building of Eco Healthy Homes and lower production costs.

Eco Healthy Homes building networks

This approach will enable a win-win strategy that will support:

  • Knowledge and skills sharing
  • Economy of scale for manufacturing
  • Group purchasing and cost saving distribution options
  • Collaborative opportunities (i.e. shared workshop, wood processing services etc)
  • Potential sectional/modular production
  • Regulatory streamlining
  • Local awareness of select technologies
  • Promotion of change through the multiplier effect

Harmony Habitat support

Harmony Habitat can support the Eco Healthy Homes building networks in the following ways:

  • Research, product sourcing
  • Expanding Eco Healthy Homes  design options
  • Consumer and industry informational outreach
  • Promotion and expansion of Eco Healthy Homes network
  • Exploration and promotion of affordability strategies

Multi-stakeholder synergy

The synergy of a cooperative approach will benefit  the Eco Healthy Homes Project’s municipal, builder and supplier partners and Harmony Habitat, which will in turn, advance the project goals.

Mutual benefit – municipal partners

The Eco Healthy Homes Project can benefit participating municipalities in the following ways:

  • Reducing housing/construction GHG emissions
  • Supporting water and energy conservation
  • Decreasing landfill through durable homes and low waste construction practices
  • Increasing household resilience and lowering emergency response costs
  • Advancing manufacturing and building practices that protect soil/air/water

Municipalities can support the Eco Healthy Homes Project in these ways:

  • Providing regulatory input on research home and builder’s resource
  • Developing incentive policy solutions
  • Streamlining permitting of the EHH designs
  • Offering Eco Healthy Homes financial incentives to homeowners
  • Promoting the project to builders and the public
  • Supporting EHH quality control through familiarity with EHH designs
  • Sponsoring our research, development and communications work

Mutual benefit – supplier partners

The Eco Healthy Homes Project may support suppliers in the following ways:

  • Raising awareness about, showcase, and test partner products in real life settings
  • Specifying select products within the replicable design
  • Listing partner products in the product directory
  • Featuring product advertising in communications materials
  • Providing advertising signage on the demonstration site during construction and demonstration

Suppliers that meet required 3rd party standards and project criteria may support the Eco Healthy Homes Project by:

  • Sponsoring the pilot project
  • Sponsoring software design
  • Sponsoring performance testing
  • Providing revenue sharing with HH for Eco Healthy Home portal purchases

Mutual benefit – builder partners

The Eco Healthy Homes Project can support our builder partners by:

  • Making deep green home design easier and less costly
  • Raising market awareness to reduce educational requirements
  • Promoting the Eco Healthy Homes brand
  • Promoting Eco Healthy Homes builders
  • potentially selling Eco Healthy Homes

Our builder partners can support the Eco Healthy Homes Project by:

  • Sponsoring the project
  • Generating revenue for Harmony Habitat’s ongoing research and communications through home sales commissions
  • Generating revenue for HH through affiliate product sales (purchased through the design portal)
  • Sharing knowledge for design refinement and ongoing research