Cooperation is born of the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there ~Virginia Burden

At Harmony Habitat we celebrate our enlightened supplier partners. If we have selected your product for the Eco Healthy Homes Project it is because your products meet our rigorous social and environmental criteria. So thank you for providing an amazing product!

The products that we showcase in the demonstration house will receive exposure through Harmony Habitat’s planned blog/videos/photos/and press coverage. Through mainstream, deep green and tech green media sources, we will introduce your products to builders and consumers who care about the things you care about. Detailed documentation in a demonstration showcase is the best way we can raise awareness about your products in this phase.

We will help you raise awareness about how your exciting products fit into our deep green principles by promoting the why and how of each of the choices included in the build. Occasional updates will be posted over the next couple of months. Once we get the house to lock up, we will begin posting details blogs and product features and begin to actively promote the project.

You can help us maximize success with this by helping us meet as many deep green criteria as possible. Co-promotional partnerships with our enlightened suppliers will help us create the most effective showcase possible through financial support and product donations.

If you have a deep green product that you’d like to feature in the demonstration home, please get in touch with us.

Some of our preferred suppliers and supporters. Some are listed below:

Product providers



Vaproshield/Total R



Four seven five high performance building supply

Vents US


Seal Once


Service providers

Blackwell Engineering

Trex engineering

Raincoast homes

Lewkowich geotechnical engineering

Performance Haus