With multi-disciplinary, cooperative strategies, and science-based, locally-adaptable digital design resources, our pilot project will model a path to making it simpler and less costly for any builder to design and build deep green homes.


1- Analysis and Planning

Completed – 2012- 2018

  • Industry review
  • Market research and industry consultations and interviews
  • Development of strategies for change
  • Enlisting advisors, supporters and potential collaborators
  • Selection of suitable location for demonstration site
  • Consultations about regenerative, resilient site design
  • Site survey and site design
  • Preliminary home design
  • Preparation of site for construction

2 – Demonstration (current)

Spring 2020 – Winter 2020

  • Develop a locally replicable, customizable deep green demonstration home
  • Forge relationships with and between industry collaborators
  • Achieve an unprecedented set of criteria in a 600 sf deep green home
  • Research design/components for compliance with project criteria
  • Document and publicize the costs, challenges, solutions and opportunities
  • Model deep green, integrated design and low-waste construction
  • Collect data for Phase 3 analysis economic, technical, regulatory analysis
  • Raise awareness about the community and householder benefits of deep green building
  • Raise awareness about the project goals
  • Grow demand for Eco Healthy Homes
  • Offer public on-site and virtual tours

3 – Testing and Analysis

Summer 2020 – Spring 2021

  • Continue to conduct on-site and online tours
  • Validate air quality, energy usage, water usage and convenience
  • Refine systems as required
  • Analyze challenges and opportunities
  • Analyze the economics of deep green design/building
  • Broadly publicize the results
  • Complete feasibility study for a local Eco Healthy Homes cooperative
  • Draw on Phase 2 data to develop educational/promotional content
  • Continue outreach communications campaign
  • Begin development of builder’s resource
  • Explore cooperative mutually beneficial affordability strategies with multi-sector partners

4 – Replication

Summer 2021 – Fall 2022

  • Develop digital resource for replication of Eco Healthy Homes
  • Develop all legal agreements
  • Establish mutually supportive supplier and builder network
  • Promote builder’s resource to builder and buyers
  • Explore community manufacturing options
  • Explore cooperative business networks, revenue sharing options
  • Explore community manufacturing for Phase 5

5 – Sharing

  • Promote builder’s resource to additional municipalities and adapt to suit
  • Replicate municipal consultation and input process
  • Enlist and promote Eco Healthy Homes builders
  • Evolve Eco Healthy Home designs and product options
  • Establish of cost saving manufacturing/construction options