The Eco Healthy Homes Project is uniting industry change makers to develop replicable solutions for deep green home building. 

The Builder’s Design Resource

Builders with deep green aspirations currently face a labyrinth of technical, building code, supply, cost and market barriers. Each custom home project faces significant cost, risk and complexity – including hiring an expert research and technical team. In addition, considerable extra effort is required to help consumers, lenders, appraisers and institutions understand how to accurately measure the value of deep green homes.

To create easier and more equitable access to deep green homes, the Eco Healthy Homes Project is joining multi-sector collaborators to forge a deep green path and create a roadmap for other builders to follow.

The Eco Healthy Homes whole-home digital design resource will enable any builder to customize and replicate the research and demonstration house project in sizes up to 1000 sf.  It will reduce the challenge and uncertainty of custom deep green. It will enable customizations for size, floorplan, site, municipality and aesthetic preferences. It will be based on building methods that are are relatable to any builder and products that are .

The resource will reduce the following barriers to deep green building:


All products specified in the builder’s resource will be pre-selected for project criteria

Innovation and Risk

The design resource will be based on the pre-researched, pre-tested Eco Healthy Homes demonstration house. It will reduce the experimentation, cost and risk required to build deep green.


The resource will relieve builders of investment in multiple training courses, and the challenges inherent in meeting health and environmental standards. It will increase certainty about home performance and lifecycle impacts and will minimize the one-off research, consultation and engineering for each home.


Localized standardization through the pre-engineered Eco Healthy Homes will grow familiarity for local builders, inspectors, trades people, and suppliers. This will help increase quality and streamline  regulatory approvals for Eco Healthy Homes. And, by involving local building inspectors in the demonstration home design and the builder’s resource, we help make their jobs easier.

The builder’s resource will increase certainty about:

  • Pricing
  • Energy performance
  • Healthfulness
  • Building permits
  • Synergy of the whole house as a system
  • Environmental and social impacts

For more about the problems addressed by this component of the project, see the industry concerns and barriers to building change webpages.