Deep green building opportunity in the Gulf Islands, BC

Seeking inspired, veteran home builder/advisor for a mini-home build this September on Gabriola Island. This is a pilot demonstration project in collaboration with Harmony Habitat’s Eco Healthy Homes multi-disciplinary design group. 

Camper trailer accommodation (with water and power) or billetting may be arranged for contributors from out of town. Goals to get to exterior finishing are anticipated to take just a few weeks. See links at bottom of page for more.

Mini-Home Design

The privately-owned, replicable and customizable home will meet Net Zero Water (rainwater only) and Step Code 5 (Net Zero Energy Ready) at a minimum, and will model Living Building Challenge and Passive House.

Materials and methods are being selected for their relat-ability and replicability by any builder. The engineered, super-insulated, light wood frame home will be built on a construction-ready hillside site on Gabriola Island (with power and water).

The project is supported by an expert group of collaborators. It will demonstrate:

  • space efficiency and the advantages of small design
  • comfort and convenience
  • durable beauty
  • household resilience
  • long term affordability
  • the greenest, healthiest, most local supply chain possible
  • products and methods with the potential to support local economic benefits

The best candidates for this project have:

  • strong organization, estimating, and communication skills
  • interest in community and environmental benefit
  • an enthusiasm for positive change
  • an openess to media exposure
  • and a willingness to learn and to work with others.

This is a paid position. Applications encouraged from licensed and unlicensed builders who have experience in managing complete home building projects.

A qualified, unlicensed builder would be hired in a supporting role in collaboration with the owner builder and team. Advanced proficiency in the project’s deep green standards is not essential.

In addition, volunteer contributions from building, communications and administrative professionals are welcome. Please see the “Join us” tab above for more.


The home design, drafting, energy/moisture modelling and permit application will be complete. The driveway is in, retaining walls installed, power is set up, as is temporary water along with the hydro shed and other storage and tools on site. The wastewater system has also been installed.


Harmony Habitat is a small group of volunteers supported by a multi-disciplinary group of technical collaborators. Some of these advisors are listed on (under ‘About’). Also helping are Anthony Spick – engineer from Blackwell Victoria (structural engineering of house and foundation),  Chris Leek – Manager of building inspections and planning in the Highlands (advisory support), Ian Ralston – Civil engineer specializing in greywater treatment, Bryce Gilroy-Scott a researcher in lifecycle analysis and energy efficiency, Paul Simmons – Lewkowich Geotechnical Engineering, Graeme Verhulst – architect with Waymark architecture (advisory support), Jack Anderson – planner and designer with Greenplan, and multiple other technical supporters – both local and further abroad (see pages under About). Tatha Cornish is the sustainable building solutions research coordinator, one of Harmony Habitat’s three Co-Directors, and the home/land owner covering the construction costs for the project.

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