The snail is Harmony Habitat’s philosophical mascot. It carries its own, perfect biologically appropriate home on its back. And unlike an invasive species, which creates imbalance in its environment, it is beneficial to the ecosystem it is a part of.


Home construction and the associated supply chain has become divorced from human, community and ecological well-being. Related hidden health, environmental and economic costs affect the homeowner, and local and manufacturing communities. Better choices in housing are achievable but they are complex and expensive.

Harmony Habitat is a unique, non-profit, volunteer-run Community Contribution Company (C3) formed to develop solutions in attainable deep green housing. We are a small group of volunteers supported by a growing group of expert advisors.

A deep green approach to human habitat supports household and community health and resilience. It helps households both mitigate, and adapt to climate change while protecting the natural systems affected throughout the lifecycle of the building products and the home and it prioritizes local economic resilience.

Current Project

Our current focus is the pilot for the eco-building component of our Eco Healthy Homes Project .

The Gabriola pilot of the project is underway on Gabrioal Island, British Columbia, Canada.